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RE: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Dear Tribal Members:

In response to the growing threat of the Novel Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19), Chief and Council would like to remind the membership to continue to monitor and comply with the advice of health officials for your own safety and for the safety of those around you. This includes disinfecting surfaces around your work and home, washing hands thoroughly and regularly, making sure to cover your mouth before coughing or sneezing and staying home if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

Long Plain First Nation is taking all necessary precautions as recommended by health officials, as well as the Provincial and Federal Governments. Please continue to respect the privacy of others during this time, including those who may be sick or may be affected by COVID-19.

Individuals attempting to take matters into their own hands by invading the privacy of others, or disclosing the personal health information of others will not be tolerated.

We thank all of our tribal members for your continued cooperation in these difficult times.


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