Long Plain First Nation believes that future of our next generation lies in the education of our children. We as a generation living through the current times are responsible for passing on the knowledge and values that we received from our ancestors to next generation. We also are responsible to equip them the knowledge and skills that can ensure their prosperous future and better correspondence with the current environment, the culture and age of science. There is no place better than our school to achieve this goal and perform the duty that is placed on our shoulders by our ancestors.

Long Plain School is locally controlled through a five member board and follows the Provincial academic curriculum.  In addition to the regular academic courses we have added cultural and language component to programming in school. School has engaged elders from the community to create activities for kindergarten to class 5 to help them learn about Ojibway culture and language.

We believe that the importance of sports and games in school encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. Increases in self-esteem and mental alertness make school sports and games necessary for every school age child. Along with regular Gym classes Students participate in inter-school events. Due to the distance schools have to travel these tournaments there are not very many of them.  Grade 4 to 5 travelled to Sioux Valley to soccer. Soccer tournament was held in Portage la Prairie hosted by Long Plain School. Students from Swan Lake, Roseau River, Sioux Valley and Sandy Bay came to participate. Long Plain School also hosted an indoor soccer tournament in October attended by Sandy Bay and Sioux Valley. Floor Hockey in Sioux Valley was attended by our Grade 4 to 6 in February.


Strong Beginnings
Along with regular classes students participate in variety of activities within the school. Most of these events are for fun.  Strong Beginnings is held in the 1st week in September. This Program helps teachers to understand the students who they will be teaching in the current year.


I Love to Read
In order to promote culture of learning books entire school participates every year in “I Love to Read” month which occurs in February. As the social media and internet has replaced traditional ways of learning, we promote the art of reading books and maintaining a small library at home.


Science Fair
In February students from Grade 5 to 9 participate in the Science Fair.  From their presentations it determined who will go forward to participate in the Science Fair held in March, hosted by Manitoba First Nation Education Resource Centre at the University of Manitoba.


Apart from the above mentioned programs, throughout the year we plan activities for students and teachers to keep them engaged.



Box 430
Portage La Prairie, MB
R1N 3B7Map
Phone: (204) 252-2326
Fax: (204) 252-2786
Student Enrollment: 200
Grades: N-9
Email(s): firstnat55@yahoo.ca
Website: n/a
Principal(s): Bill Beauchamp
Vice-Principal(s): Yvonne Prince
Resource Teachers: Debbie Wollbaun, Kim Byczkowski (Special Ed.)
Language Teachers: n/a

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