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Joint Statement from Long Plain First Nation  &  Dakota Plains Wahpeton First Nation

This is a joint statement from our Councils confirming we will work together as one community during the Full Lockdown. This statement dated November 19, 2020, will serve to confirm the following:

1. Security. The roads into both communities are blocked off at the main entrances and as well as all secondary entrances. The security staff from our communities will assist each other with monitoring and patrolling. The Long Plain First Nations Safety Officers (FNSO) will assist in both communities by handing out fines, if any of our community members breach curfew. The fines are issued in collaboration with the Manitoba First Nations Police Services (MFNPS).

2. Curfew. The curfew hours for our Long Plain and Dakota Plains are from 11:00 PM till 6:00 AM for the duration of the Provincial Response Level Critical (Code Red). There will be one Long Plain and one Dakota Plains Security member at the check points and this measure will include rolling checkpoints within our communities. Only resident community members can enter. Essential and emergency service workers will have access.

3. Education. The Provincial schools are still open and bus transportation will be ongoing for those who elect to physically attend classes. Parental choice is being honored for both communities. Our local schools will remain open. Homework packages will be available for those students who chose to stay home.

Leadership from both communities have signed Band Council Resolutions and are committed to working with the MFNPS/RCMP to ensure enforcement if security staff need to deal with an uncooperative individual.

We urge all our tribal citizens to practice social distancing, keep your family circle small, wash your hands frequently and wear masks. Please refrain from unnecessary travel. Stay safe and stay well.

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