During these uncertain times, we all experience different emotions, ie: anxiety, anger, fear, etc.  I would like to remind everybody we will get through this together.  We need to remember to continue practicing the fundamentals by washing our hands, sanitizing our hands, staying home as much as possible, and wearing a mask when you must leave for essentials.

I would like to explain the process the nurses go through when we receive notice of a positive COVID 19 case in the community.

  • Information is received from public health;
  • Contact tracing (names and contact information of close contacts) is collected within 24 hours;
  • people named as a close contact, will be required to self-isolate for 14 days;
  • you will be called daily for temperature and symptom monitoring, while self-isolating;
  • If you develop symptoms in the 14 days, you will be required to get a COVID test done;
  • You will be given an option for a COVID test 5 to 7 after contact with a positive;
  • You must be cleared by the nurse before you stop isolating

If you have any questions or concerns regarding

Avoid going out as much as possible but when you have to go out for essential services, wear your mask.

Isaias Harper, Pandemic Coordinator

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