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Long Plain Housing Authority (LPHA) has recognized the need and over-whelming concerns of mold within our residential units. To assist with the housing inspections and assessments, LPHA has contracted AEE Technical Services and Ininew Limited Partnership to complete a community wide project. The Inspection teams will be commencing Tuesday, August 29, 2023. The starting point will be the 305 Provincial area (Prince Trail, Rodeo Drive, Rodeo Bay, Provincial Road, Yellowquill Trail East), moving from the gas-bar along Yellowquill Trail East. This will continue as the team moves into the main community. Notices will be delivered to the areas.

The goal of the Mold Assessment & Condition Report Project is to assess each unit, both CMHC and Band, for mold, type of mold, the associated process and remediation costs to rid the unit of mold. A complete dossier of each affected unit will be used to apply for programs within CMHC and ISC for the remediation process. Units inspected and deemed “Require Immediate Attention” will have the mold remediation application and repairs to the affected areas will be completed. The second part of the project is the Condition Report, the inspection team will be compiling data of the residential unit, square footage, bedrooms, condition of unit, eg interior and exterior damages.

This information will assist with CMHC- Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) and ISC – Renovations & Additions programs. This information gathered will be the foundation for the housing database being created for the Housing Program.

Please call the LPHA if you have any questions or concerns, or if your unit was missed to-date at their current location within their work plan @ 204-252-3366

Your assistance with the work plan is greatly appreciated!

Have a good weekend.

Meegwetch,, Marcia Assiniboine, CET Long Plain Housing Authority

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