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Long Plain First Nation celebrated the completion of four new houses today. Chief Dennis Meeches says they were approved for a loan from the First Nation Market Housing Fund.

“A few years back we were approved for 5.7 million dollar fund to build home ownership projects,” notes Meeches. “We’re very excited by it. Going forward, that’s one of the areas that we really need to concentrate on is actual home ownership for our people. Whether they live in Keeshkeemaquah Village or in Long Plain First Nation, moving towards a home ownership program.”

President of the First Nation Market Housing Fund John Beaucage notes it shows a lot of leadership that the community received the funding and adds the sky is the limit as far as future funding is concerned.

“We’re not like a government department that has limited funds per year,” says Beaucage. “If the the community has the wherewithal, they’ve got the financial acumen and they have the good, hard-working people they can apply for any amount of loans per year. There is no upper limit.”

Meeches notes they will are hoping to begin the new phase of the Keeshkeemaquah Village development in June. They will also be working on nine apartments starting in June/July.

Article courtesy of Portage Online

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