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Portage Collegiate wants to get the word out that incoming students from Long Plain School need to get their course selection forms completed, as school officials cannot make their usual visits to the facility because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Typically, staff from PCI make several trips to Long Plain School throughout the year to meet with future students and shed some light and offer advice on what types of classes are available to choose from.

Rob Pehura is a vice-principal at PCI and explains what the students need to do.

“Because of the COVID situation, we did get out there once before they shut things down, (but we couldn’t make all of our scheduled visits) to talk to the Grade 8s,” explains Pehura. “Students in grade 8 last year in Long Plain that are planning to come to PCI next year, we need them to make sure they get their course package done, their registrations. There’s a process we have to follow before they can start, and then there are course selections.”

Pehura gives some examples of what students get to choose from.

“There’s the hockey academy, there is photography, computer courses, food courses, and french. There’s also a band course. They have a whole wide range they can select at that grade. When they get into Grade 10, they can start looking at the vocational programs like hairstyling, whose lab has just been re-done, automotive, and business.”

During grades 11 and 12, the vocational training becomes more advanced, and students may have an opportunity to seek an apprenticeship.

Pehura explains how you can get the forms in.

“At Long Plain, we’ve encouraged them to put them in the drop boxes. Our counselors have been good at phoning the students. If they can’t get the forms, they’ll do it over the phone, and the counselors will input the choice for them. That’s what they’ve been working on this week. I think we’re down to about 90-100 forms we need.”

PCI has two mailboxes for Long Plain students to put their work – one at the Long Plain school, and a second at the Keeshkeemaquah Gas Bar.

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