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This notice is to inform the community of Long Plain First Nation that based on the incident that occurred on March. 19/2023, the community is currently on a lockdown. All business entities in Long Plain First Nation will be on lockdown until further notice. The suspects identified are still at large and we’re increasing patrols in the community. We will have 24-hour checkpoints in the community, and they’re as follows:

1. 305 Crossing
2. Yellowquill Trail West & Edwin Road
3. Dakota Trail & Edwin Road
4. Splitrock Trail South & Yellowquill Trail South

If you have any information pertaining to the incident that occurred on March. 19/2023, please contact Manitoba First Nation Police at 204-252-4488 or 204-252-4480. Please continue to be vigilant and cautious as we move forward to find all individuals involved in this incident.

Chief and Council of Long Plain First Nation have had many discussions on the issue of drug trafficking and violence within the community. To promote, enhance, and sustain the health, safety, and quality of life for our people – we are striving to provide an environment of improved well-being. This is the core of what we want to accomplish as a sovereign First Nation community. The rise in use and selling of illegal/nonprescription drugs is not our cultural belief or way of life, addressing this issue is paramount in protecting our community. We are taking a strong stance that these actions will not be tolerated on-reserve. We will be providing a notice to all residences in community about next steps. If you’re suspected or caught trafficking illegal substances there will be consequences.

As a Tribal Government, we will stay committed to ensuring health and safety of our community by taking necessary measures to stop drug trafficking, drug use, and violence on the reserve.

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