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Long Plain First Nation is a self-governing Nation. Our elections are governed by the Long Plain First Nation Custom Election Act (2017), which has procedures in place to consider and decide appeals.

The general election was held on April 15, 2022. Chief Kyra Wilson, Councillor Keely Assiniboine, Councillor Marvin Daniels, Councillor Garnet Meeches, and Councillor Dennis Myran were elected. Two election appeals were made to the Election Appeal Committee. These appeals were dismissed by the Election Appeal Committee on April 21, 2022. David Meeches, candidate for Chief, then asked the Federal Court of Canada to review the decision of the Election Appeal Committee that dismissed his appeal.

On September 25, 2023, the Federal Court of Canada ordered that a new decision be made by a new Election Appeal Committee. The Court set deadlines for the Interview Committee to select a new Election Appeal Committee and for that new Election Appeal Committee to make a decision. As part of the Court’s decision, the Court also directed what evidence should be reviewed. This decision restricts the powers of the Election Appeal Committee to interpret the Custom Election Act and to follow the procedures that were designed by our community. Councillor Meeches and Councillor Daniels support the challenge by David Meeches and want the process of appointing a new Election Appeal Committee to begin.

Chief Wilson, Councillor Myran and Councillor Assiniboine have decided to appeal the Federal Court decision. They believe that the judge overstepped her role and misinterpreted the Custom Election Act. It is important that the procedures designed by and for Long Plain First Nation are upheld. As part of this appeal, they will ask that the upcoming deadlines be “paused” until the Federal Court of Appeal has heard their appeal. It is their opinion that a new Election Appeal Committee should not be appointed while the decision by the previous Election Appeal Committee is under. This will create confusion and could lead to competing decisions by two different Election Appeal Committees. At this time, Chief and Council of Long Plain First Nation remain in office and continue to serve as your elected officials. We will continue to post updates. We are committed to serving our members and addressing the important issues that face our community.


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