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The LONG PLAIN FIRST NATION has continued its Local State of Emergency in response to the overland flooding currently happening in the community.

With today’s lack of rainfall and high wind it has improved some roadways, but not to the point of returning those that have been evacuated as per our engineers. There is a meeting tomorrow morning where we will be further briefed, and more information will be forthcoming.

A Water Ceremony was carried out today at three major areas of concern with an Elder from the community who made contact and offered to do so. We are eternally grateful to still have this knowledge alive and thriving in our community. Miigwech.

We have continued to evacuate those whose lanes are impassible AND are Elders or those with medical needs. It must be both. This will continue until we are through this emergency.

If you feel you meet the above criteria and need assistance, please call:
Emergency Response Management ……….. Isaias Harper (204) 870-2737
Lands Program Director …………………………. Adam Myran (204) 903-5842 or
Head of Public Works ……………………………… Ed Myran (204) 872-1877

We are seeing many positive interactions in the community with families banding together to navigate these difficult times. This will continue to be our strength in the coming days. We are a strong people and are stronger still when we work together!

Official Updates will be posted through the website and on Rez Radio along with the Land’s Departments Facebook page.

Thank you for your continued understanding and patience during this Emergency. Stay safe everyone.

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