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Long Plain First Nation’s Chief, Kyra Wilson, is calling for the resignation of the Winnipeg Police Chief, Danny Smyth, for not carrying out the search at Prairie Green landfill.

Many communities, organizations, and public leaders across the nation, are asking for a thorough search to be conducted at the Prairie Green landfill.  The families of the three women deserve to have closure. Morgan Harris, Marcedes Myran and Mashkode Bizhiki’ikwe deserve better. Leadership will continue to advocate to have them found and brought back to their home fires.

With the obvious directed violence against these Indigenous women, the message that Danny Smyth sends to the greater community is, “Indigenous women do not matter.”  With his quick dismissal and lack of support, he is further perpetuating violence against Indigenous women.

The Chief of Police has a mandate and obligation to protect and serve the community to the fullest capacity. Knowing human remains reside in the landfill, but doing nothing further to locate the remains, is not efficient nor effective public safety measures for the community. Therefore, we call for the immediate resignation of Danny Smyth, so action can be taken to bring our women home.

Time: 11:45am ET | 10:45am CT
Location:  Manitoba Caucus Room, Westin Hotel – Ottawa, Canada

Media Contact:
Jeremy Neault
Long Plain First Nation
[email protected]


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